Jacob’s Well Magazine on Issuu: On Parenting and Disability, by Brent Cline

See Pages 60-63 on the Spring/Summer 2020 Issue of Jacob’s Well:

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By Brent Cline, a Parent of a Daughter with Intellectual Disabilities.

Jacob’s Well Magazine  is the official publication of the Diocese of Washington and New York  (Orthodox Church in America).



Two Events – 1. An Online Exhibit of Art by Autistic People (Artists Invited!) Oct. 5-7; 2. Epilepsy Awareness Day: Nov. 8-10, At Disneyland and ONLINE


           And  . . .To Register for Participation in the Online Exhibit of Art by Autistic Persons:

2021 Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference

To Access the Website for full information and to register for the Epilepsy Awareness Day:

Epilepsy Awareness Day: November 8 – 10



From the 2020 Epilepsy Awareness Day: A You Tube Video

“Getting There – The Path from Diagnosis to Cure for Rare Epilepsies”

AngelSense: 10 Tips for Deescalating Sensory Meltdowns

First of all, the article makes clear that meltdowns are not tantrums; they are not ploys to get one’s way. They are an involuntary response to a sensory overload. The ten tips given to parents to see their autistic child through this storm to calm waters are augmented by 63 comments (there may be more by the time you are reading this) that are parental responses, and include details concerning their children, with pertinent questions and insights into ways of de-escalating sensory meltdowns that have worked for them. 

To access the article: 

10 Tips for De-Escalating Autism Sensory Meltdowns This Summer

AngelSense also sell a product: AngelSense Guardian Kits:

GPS Safety Device for Real-Life Emergencies

More on responding to sensory meltdowns:





Summer Kinard: ABC’s of Our Autistic Home

Gin & Lemonade: I Am A Wheelchair User, And Walking Is Not My Goal

Loma, a young American lady living in Scotland, a wife and mother, uses a wheelchair and is content with that. She explains in the following article.

To access:

I Am A Wheelchair User, And Walking Is Not My Goal

As she reveals in the article, she writes about other aspects of her life. Here are the articles she mentions in this article, in order. (Note: Her Titles do not match the phrases she uses about them in “I am a wheelchair user . . .”) These articles are from her own blog, Gin & Lemonade


To access the articles:

Talking To My Kid About Disability

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day Is Every Day

My Wedding Dress, My Wheelchair, & Me

Where This Wheelchair Has Been

Taking Up Space As A Wheelchair User

40 Things To Do Before Turning 40

My friends! Let’s be generous! (Her laptop is out of commission; she needs a new one.)

Buy a Coffee for Lorna DH

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From Faithtree: The Relationship Project – A three-part Series for Church Youth Groups: (Part 3 entitled “Understanding Mental Health”)

Part 1) Understanding Identity. Part 2) Understanding Intimacy. Part 3) Understanding Mental Health.

Faithtree  – What Faithtree is about – it’s goals

To access the website:

The Relationship Project A Three-part Teaching Series for Church Youth Groups

Each part consists of 4 online sessions’ Understanding Mental Health, after the introduction in session 1,  addresses (2) Friendship & Loneliness, (3) Anxiety & Stress, and (4) Sadness & Depression


While there are three four-part sessions, these consist of multiple sequential teaching segments.  Faithtree offers video segments 21 and twenty-two for our perusal free of charge. 


Also free of charge: Access Free Resources  (10 Ways to Form Meaningful Relationships with your Teens; 13 Reasons Why We Must Engage with our Teens; 6 Ways Christian Parents Can Lessen Teen Anxiety; and More)

Orthodox Icons for the Visually Impaired

An exhibition at the Museum of Icons includes relief icons (3D):

How Do They Make Orthodox Icons for the Blind?


See Also the original and expanded version of this story on the website Pravmir –


To translate into English:

click on the EN at the top right corner of the page and give it a few moments.


To Access:

Как делают иконы для слепых? (ФОТО + интервью)


You Tube- Russia: Orthodox Church installs first icon for visually impaired at Moscow cathedral:

The Church Mental Health Summit 21: September 10, 2021

September 10, 2021

To access the web page:

The Church Mental Health Summit 21

The Church Mental Health Summit is a one-day virtual event equipping the church to support mental health in their communities

The web page is also the sign up page. Just enter your email address and you’re in!

A speaker at the Mental Health Summit on You Tube. 2020 or 2021, I’m not sure.

4 Disability Clichés, And What You Can Say Instead

by Andrew Pulrang, on the Forbes website

People without disabilities can often feel nervous when conversing with a person with a disability, and sometimes, seeking to be sympathetic and helpful, say certain things which are tiresome and often offensive. The article listed below lists four of these well-worn cliches and what can be said instead that would be more considerate.

To access the article:

4 Disability Clichés, And What You Can Say Instead

Two You Tube Videos: (1) also addressing this issue; (2) “Why are disability clichés so destructive for the community?”



St. Elizabeth Convent in Minsk: Unconditional Love

by Daria Goncharova 

A story (a 5 minute read) by a sister from the Convent of St. Elizabeth in Minsk, Belarus, in regard to the glory and wonder which attends the divine services at St. Nectarius of Aegina Church,  to which the sisters bring the children from the Boarding Home for Children with Special Needs on Fridays and Saturdays. Additionally, fifty sister and some brothers care for the children at the home, providing them wholesome, enjoyable activities:

Games, drawing, studying God’s Law, making cartoons, taking walks in the open air, visiting theaters, museums, cafes, going on pilgrimages and hiking trips, having funny birthday parties with candies and entertainment… The children from the Boarding Home have staged a unique inclusive performance The Little Prince under the direction of Alexander Zhdanovich, who is an actor of the National Academic Drama Theater named after Maksim Gorky. 

The children enjoy fullness of life. The story concludes with a number of questions for us, such as:

Why do some people drown in the hustle and bustle of the world and bring themselves to a state of complete spiritual ruin, while others remain at peace and feel joy? . . .

To access the story:

Unconditional Love

See Also:


From St. Elizabeth Convent’s You Tube Page:

A Song of Praise

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works . . .(Hebrews 10:23-24) – VOCATIONAL TRAINING


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