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Orthodox Christian Counseling Institute OCCI

To Access: Orthodox Christian Counseling Institute – OCCI


from Wikipedia: Christ Pantocrator from Saint Catherine's Monastery in Sinai.

from Wikipedia:

Christ Pantocrator from Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai.

As Orthodox therapists, we offer a unique alternative to a purely psychological understanding of human problems.  We believe that healing is found through the worship, sacraments, and Holy Traditions of the Orthodox Christian Church.  Working with clients, we help resolve crises, foster new coping and relationship skills and nurture personal growth using psychological principles within the context of the Orthodox faith.  In addition, we are committed to assisting clergy in support of their parishioners. 

Our multidisciplinary staff provide individual, couples, and family counseling across the lifespan and focusing on:

Anxiety and Stress


Marital and relationship issues

Anger Management

Grief, separation, and loss

Parent-child conflict

Low self-esteem & emotional deprivation

Problem solving, communication, and coping skills

Social skills development, learning problems and school consultation

Life & work transition issues











Accessible (and free) National Parks (USA)

For those who are in wheelchairs, consider this opportunity:

CUREMEDICAL: Five Accessible National Parks You Can Visit On Wheels for Free



Basic Guidelines of Welcome, by Summer Kinard

March 6th, 2019, 1:00- 2:30 PM- A Webinar – Ministering to Our Campers with Special Needs

On March 6, from 1:00 – 2:30 PM, will be sharing this webinar. To access the registration webpage: 

Webinar – Ministering to Our Campers with Special Needs

Summer Kinard: Of Such is the Kingdom of God

Summer Kinard,  an Orthodox Christian with Masters degrees in both Divinity and Theology, has developed another web page, focused on the life and development of persons with disabilities, which introduces and will accompany a book she is writing (same title):

Of Such is the Kingdom: A Practical Theology of Disability

To Access the link:

A Practical Theology of Disability

There are four sections to this webpage: A Practical Theology of Disability summarizes what the book and the web page are about. It begins with a parable which involves a banquet – God’s banquet – a banquet of love. Summer Kinard unpacks several aspects of life with God – divine life – which this parable reveals. The Blog consists of practical posts involving various things one can do  in regard to life in God with people who have disabilities, as well as some informational and inspirational posts from an Orthodox Christian Perspective. of welcome into the Orthodox Church as a person or family member to a person living with a disability, neurodivergence, or impairment. You may use the online form linked at the top of this page or the Word Doc linked below. Tell Me Your Story (in Summer Kinard’s own words): 

Tell Me Your Story of welcome into the Orthodox Church as a person or family member to a person living with a disability, neurodivergence, or impairment. You may use the online form linked at the top of this page or the Word Doc linked below.

Also, Further Reading & Resources

Summer Kinard also has a You Tube Page. Here are a few of her videos:

A Single Mother and her 4-year old daughter with ADHD

Crisis in the checkout line. A nasty comment. Mom snaps back. But it’s all uphill from there. 

A second, similar story. Both stories are about helpful people.

To access these informative stories:

Simplemost: This Mom’s Message About Having A Child With ADHD Is Going Viral (Raise your hand if you’re a parent and would appreciate a little slack!)

Rochel and Bentzion Groner’s North Carolina-based nonprofit which matches teen volunteers with children who have special needs such as autism:

 The Friendship Circle

A Friendship Circle Video (Not in English; enjoy the pictures! Also, give it a moment to load):

Invisible Disabilities: Sensory Processing Disorders (Dyspraxia, etc.)

STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder: Subtypes of SPD

Their Mission:

To improve the quality of life for children, adolescents and adults with SPD, and their families by providing:

  • Comprehensive assessment and effective intervention for Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Rigorous research with our collaborating university-based research partners
  • Education for caregivers, pediatric professionals, and educators; and
  • Advocacy for official recognition of SPD worldwide.

The Story of 7 year old Luc Carpenter from County Kildare, Ireland:

 The Irish Times: Dyspraxia – A Disability that Nobody Can See

See Also: The Dyspraxia Foundation

Videos Explaining Dyspraxia:



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