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The Mighty: Supporting the Limitless Potential of People With Down Syndrome

by Padgett Mozingo, Lila’s Mom. 

Now we all have limits. But the potential of people with Down Syndrome is often unnecessarily limited by  others who decide beforehand that this child, this person, could not possibly do this, or that, or whatever dream or interest the person himself may have. Some of these other people in their lives may be well-meaning but over-protective. Others might see the extra effort required to help the down syndrome person reach their goal, and decide that it would require too much time, with too much of a risk of failure, and bail out on the venture. But not Lila’s family. Read their story:

The Mighty: Supporting the Limitless Potential of People With Down Syndrome

The family has launched a movement to dispel the myths about Down Syndrome. Here is their website:

Limitless Purpose  Also: Lila’s Story


Parents Of Child With Down Syndrome Design Toys Promoting Inclusivity

Olivia & Mayra & Roberto Contreras and the creation of Electric Rose Toys   (a doll for Olivia):

To Access the Story:

From Sun Newspapers and Knock Knock Toys and Gifts: The Parents Of a Child With Down Syndrome Design Toys Promoting Inclusivity: 

See also:

All About Olivia Rose




Images of Everyday Life for Persons with Disability

A Picture is worth a thousand words. Ten pictures are worth ten thousand words.

to access:

Not Dead Yet:

Changing Images

On the International Day

of Persons With Disabilities

Charlotte Riggle: 14 picture books with disabled characters

Charlotte Riggle writes,

How many picture books have disabled characters?The Cooperative Children’s Book Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison analyzes the children’s books that publishers send them every year. Last year, they received 698 picture books. Just two of them – TWO out of 698 – had main characters who had disabilities.

To access the post:

14 picture books with disabled characters

If children would find disabled people in their books, when they meet disabled people in person, they won’t find them strange; they will not hesitate to approach and talk to them. And play with them.

Charlotte Riggle, in her post, reviews 14 such books.

Resources for books including disabled children: A Mighty Girl: People with Disabilities

Disability in Kid Lit

aTo access:

Honor Roll



Erik Carter | Belonging – The Church & Disabilities

Our Call to Love

“Our call to love impels us to do all that we can in order that those around us also find their place and role in the Church, the Body of Christ, the Ark of salvation, including those one might deem ‘less honorable [and] unpresentable. . . . On the contrary, the parts of the body which are weaker are indispensable [and are given] greater honor . . . that the members may have the same care for one another'” (1 Cor. 12:22-25).

from St. John Chrysostom and the Socialization of Persons with Developmental Disability: Patristic Inspiration for Contemporary Application” 

To access:

Edited & Reprinted from January 2, 2007


A Lenten Talk at St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church – Welcoming the Stranger with Special Needs

 A Video of a talk at St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church in Kansas City, Missouri: 

To access:


****   Welcoming the Stranger with Special Needs  ****


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