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Songs of Experience (Mairs)

the household

 Mairs Momilies is a weblog by a mother of a large family, Orthodox Christian; many of the children are adopted, and have special needs. And they home school these children. By means of the web address below one can access her posts related to the word “disability.” These are words (songs, if you will), based on experience: 


Archimandrite Themi Adamopoulos’ Mission in Sierra Leone

 Once a member of a rock band, Archimandrite Themi now serves people in need in Sierra Leone as an Orthodox Christian Priest-Monk. The mission’s efforts include the building of  a village for a 100 people with disabilities who previously were hounded by the authorities for begging, and also the provision of arms and legs to the amputee children.

Share the Faith: The Atheist Rocker who is an Orthodox Priest and a Missionary in Africa now:  see also 

To the Ends of the Earth: Fr. Themi: Atheist Rocker to Orthodox Missionary (includes a 9 minute video interview with Rev. Themi)

To the Ends of the Earth– a post by Fr. Themi which includes a section entitled The Holy Orthodox Diocese of Sierra Leone and the Disabled:

To the Ends of the Earth: a 19 minute video in which Fr. Themi talks about Faith, Works, and Being Born Again:

Rev. Themi’s blog (including Mission Projects- a must see):  

See also

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St Martyr Grand Princess Elisabeth Convent: the Feast of St. Xenia


St. Xenia of Petersburg

  The following webpage describes, in a personal way, the celebration of the feast of St. Xenia of Petersburg, the Convent’s patron saint. First, there is the Divine Liturgy. First things first. Then there is a dinner, where many loving thoughts and feelings are shared: Day of St Xenia of Petersburg, Our Patron Saint

 St. Xenia is known to be an effective intercessor for those without a home or a job, or with an illness of some sort. She also has been recommended as an intercessor for those with mental illness.  Her feast day is January 24, New Calendar, February 4, Old Calendar.
 St. Xenia Orthodox Church in Methuen, MA (USA) devotes a troparion and a story of her life to their webpage: 
Here is the Orthodox Church of America’s page devoted to St. Xenia: 
Here is another life of St. Xenia by Nun Nectaria McLees, as well as an Orthodox Christian ballad by Kathleen Patitsas with introductions byArchimandrite Nektarios Serfes on his website: 

A life of St. Xenia of Petersburg with two troparions and a kontakion on the webpage of Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Church, 2049 Argyle Ave. Los Angeles, California 90068: 

Another life of St. Xenia,  with two excellent holy icons of her, from St. Xenia Cathedral in Kanata, Ontario, Canada:

Icon from Orthodoxy in NWA:

The Hesychastic Society of the Most Holy Mary

Most Holy Mary with Christ

(or Wawasinno Ki’chi Wa Mali’í Waabanowigaan)

from an email directed to me through the group home ministry I work with:

The Hesychastic Society of the Most Holy Mary, aka, Wawasinno Ki’chi Wa Mali’i Waabanowigaan, is a Metochion of the Monastic Society of St. Silouan the Athonite (OCA; Canada): a monastic brotherhood designed specifically for Aboriginal (Native N. American) and (higher functioning) Autistic Orthodox, and those wishing to live with them in Christian harmony. Our rule is simple: radical hesychasm and little folly. We are located, at present, in downtown Toronto, and, as of September 4, 2011, our first hermitage was sanctified, and was granted canonical letters. 

Some very basic online info on the Community:

The Hesychastic Society of the Most Holy Mary, Toronto, ON 

Email  Elder Pierre (Blais), ThD.

On the meaning of  Hesychasm 

See also:  

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Archbishop Iakovos and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Click to access: Orthodox Christian Social Action, Abp. Iakovos & Martin Luther King, Jr. , by Charles Ajalat

On behalf of Focus North America: Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United to Serve, Charles Ajalat reports the story of Archbishop Iakovos of Blessed Memory and his involvement in the civil rights marches in Alabama in 1965 which were led by Martin Luther King, Jr. as he learned it from Al Raboteau in a lecture at Fordham University in 2006. It is a story of courage, of a hierarch moving forward, alone, unfortunately, against unjust voter registration policies. 

A Unitarian minister who also participated had been killed the night before. A partial quote of Archbishop Iakovos, as to his reasons for joining the March: 

Our [Orthodox] Church has never hesitated to fight, when it felt it must, for the rights of mankind; and many of our Churchmen have been in the forefront of these battles time and again….Let [Reeb’s] martyrdom be an inspiration and a reminder to us that there are times when we must risk everything, including life itself, for those basic American ideals of freedom, justice and equality.

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Elizabeth’s 2011

She was chrismated into the Orthodox Church in 2010, taking Elizabeth as her Saint name. 

May 2011 brought a very happy event- the prom.

And then in October 2011, a second job!

And let our people also learn to maintain good works, to meet urgent needs, that they may not be unfruitful. (Titus 3:14)

The Prom, with pictures: 

the jobs: 

upcoming technology

A collaborative effort: robots for humanity. Here is a You Tube video in which a real man named Henry, who is paralyzed, by means of a robot, gains control of his own world:


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