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Russia: Preventing Abortion & Assisting Mothers of Disabled Children

 The Russian nation’s official Church and  it’s Ministry of Health are working together toward discouraging the choice of abortion AND also seek to support the mothers. In the USA, the two major political parties do one or the other. The Republicans seek to limit abortions, but reduce funding for human services, which also means the defunding of support structures for mothers of newborn children. The Democrats would work toward supporting the mothers, but want virtually no limits on abortion; it’s the woman’s choice, they say, while ignoring the fact that it is the baby’s life. In addition to this political conundrum, the medical profession actually encourages pregnant women to abort babies who they have discovered to have disabilities.

In the Soviet era in Russia, the communist government also actively encouraged abortion, and this became the mindset of the people of Russia, even after the downfall of the Soviet Union. The abortion rates in Russia are the highest in the world. The Russian Orthodox Church considers abortion to be a grave sin, and the people of Russia have been gradually regaining an Orthodox Christian mindset since the overthrowing of the heavy Soviet communist yoke. And this has led to this good news!

The Online Source of this information:

The Gospel Herald: Russian Orthodox Church, Ministry of Health Sign Agreement to Prevent Abortion, Assist Mothers of Disabled Children

Book for Purchase: A Step by Step Guide to Making your Parish more Disability-Friendly

In 2016 Faithtree, a ministry of St. Michael’s Orthodox Church in Van Nuys, California, held a Webinar entitled “Building a Disability-Friendly Church: 7 Practical, Low-Cost Supports that Make a Difference.”  

Faithtree also has published a resource on the subject:

A Step by Step Guide to Making Your Parish Disability-Friendly

The cost is $23.99. 





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