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In Kiev, Ukraine: the”Believe in Yourself” festival

A creative festival was held in Kiev, Ukraine,  on November 26, 2009 for children and young people with functional limitations. It bore the title,

Believe in Yourself

His Grace Bishop Makarovsky Ilariy opened the festival with a prayer and a good word.

The translation is imperfect but one can begin to get a feel for the event . The story can be accessed here:

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Glory to God!!! (a manageable diagnosis)

quoth the raisin, . . .

 From the Weblog Morning Coffee, the author of which is an Orthodox  Christian mother of a  number of children with ADS. Her name is Alana. – In the Post “In the Hands of God” Alana shares about all the adjustments that their family makes because of ADS and shares her feelings about it all, about the TRULY DIFFICULT YEARS before diagnosis, adjustments at Church, meltdowns, and more. She also writes, “But there is joy, too.” – One recent joy is a diagnosis that is not as serious as was feared. She writes, “This diagnosis gives us a vision for the way forward and good hope for the future.”– And here is a poem by her daughter which includes a funny dialogue between herself and a raisin. It seems to be patterned on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven– very creative!

Graduation Day

From the Weblog

Abide and Endeavor:

“There is Princess news today, too. She graduated from the Career and Technology Center! Today she was awarded her completion certificate and:
recognized for completing 1350 hours of theory and practical instruction in Food Production – Conferred this 7th day of June 2010

Tonight is our family celebration and I hope to post some pictures tomorrow…or the day after!

She begins her summer job later this week, then begins her training at a nearby nursing home this coming fall.

That’s our daughter! She has come so far and become a wonderful young lady!”

– Mama Juliana, June 7, 2010

This same young lady was chrismated into the Orthodox Church on March 28, 2010.


from Fr. Alexander: Contemporary Cases of Miraculous Help (translated from Russian)

Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov

The website listed below begins with the Preface, followed by two articles,Miracles and Reality,” by Fr. Savva Scherbin, andHow to Treat Miracles,” by Fr. Alexander Soyuzov.  These articles help the reader to read the accounts with, according to the Orthodox Christian Way, the appropriate attitude.

For the table of contents listing the many accounts of miracles, one must scroll up ^ from these introductory articles. Here is the URL of the site:



Among the accounts: Healed of Blindness. ; The Mentally Retarded Girl. ; The Mute Started Talking. (accounts involving persons with disability)

The last three listings are, again, for the purpose of guiding us in receiving these accounts properly, for our spiritual health, body, soul, and spirit:

Instead of an Epilogue., by Fr. Boris Balashov; About Miracles and Signs by Ven. Isaac the Syrian About Miracles and Sorrows by Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov)

May these accounts lift up your hearts to the Lord, that you may praise Him. But if you skip the writings which put the accounts into their proper perspective in God’s economy, you will be the poorer for it.

Icon from

Blessed are the poor in spirit


From the blog Glory to God for All Things, by Fr. Stephen Freeman:

The Poor in Spirit:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

The LORD to St. Paul: “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

weakness & necessity,

freedom & relationship.

(Not following automatically, but a movement that is ours for the taking, through an ever open invitation from our Father in Heaven)

To access:


Elder Paisios & the Theotokos- OBL News- Disability and Communion

 Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain was a very holy man. The Most Holy Theotokos would visit him on occasions. He related, in With Pain and Love for Contemporary Man, that out of all the icons of her, this one most resembled her:   

from Nioras 

See also OBL News: International Orthodox Christian News:

Here’s SCOBA’s statement on  Disability and Communion on the site:

You can learn a lot about Orthodox Christianity on this site. On the right side of the site you will find the Orthodox Christian Resource Center: & 

Picture from

Macedonian Orthodox Church- Charity

Here is the association the Macedonian  Orthodox Church has developed to

originate and implement  organized charitable activity  and Christian evangelic love  among people

Photo Gallery (wait 10 seconds for albums to appear):

Here is Google’s site for translation. I have it set for Macedonian to English. This can be adjusted.”language%20of%20Macedonia%20is”&sa=N&tab=wT#


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