Reflections on Haleigh Poutre’s escape from euthanasia

A summary of Haleigh’s ordeal, by Steven Drake (from the weblog Not Dead Yet)


Haleigh Poutre narrowly escaped the death planned for her by medical professionals at Baystate Medical Center and publicly-appointed guardians from Massachussets DSS. These professionals all signed off and went to court to seek removal of both ventilator and feeding tube from Haleigh Poutre just 8 days after her admission to the hospital. Poutre was in a coma, the result of injuries allegedly inflicted on her by her adoptive mother and stepfather, Jason Strickland. (NDY issued a press release calling for a larger investigation than actually happened)

Poutre’s adoptive mother committed suicide. Strickland, quite probably to avoid being charged with murder, fought the DHS in court, seeking to have Poutre’s life-support maintained.

In a case of incredible irony, the case took enough time to allow Haleigh to improve. In fact, news reports that she was awake and responsive emerged just one day after judge approved the removal of Haleigh Poutre’s feeding tube.

Thank God, Haleigh’s life is on the upswing after these horrific abuses, first by those who formerly were her adoptive parents, and then by these judge and officials. Her recovery, Lord willing, will give pause to those who reason like the judges of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

Medical Futility Blog: New Life for Haleigh Poutre after PVS  (source of picture)

Boston Globe: A new life for Haleigh, by Patricia Wen

The following posts reflect, in detail, on the issue of euthanasia, especially as it touches the lives of those with disabilities:

From the weblog Not Dead YetHaleigh Poutre- flawed lessons & Two Disability Advocates Respond to Two Assisted Suicide Proponents with Disabilities

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