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The Message Given to the Parents of Alfie Evans & Charlie Gard, and to all British Citizens (and perhaps, in Time, to us as well) : The GOVERNMENT DECIDES When to Pull the Plug and to Stop the Food and Water, NOT YOU (And don’t even think about pursuing alternate treatments).

April 23, 2018 – Respirator Removed, Nutrition Withheld. Pope Francis’ offers an alternative in line with Catholic values; English courts reject and prohibit this option; Alfie holds on . . . The Daily Caller: Alfie Evans Is Breathing On His Own But Government Officials Are Starving Him To Death. WHY?  

April 28, 2018 – LifeNews: Alfie Evans has died.

November 1, 2012, 6 years earlier, the Guardian reports that 85% of England’s National Health Service Trusts have adopted the Liverpool care pathway (LCP) – The Guardian: NHS trusts adopt end-of-life regime which can involve withholding food

1986: Paul Brophy, disabled by a brain injury,  dies eight days after the Massachusetts Supreme Court authorizes hospital personnel to halt his G-Tube Feedings – Catholic Culture: When Food and Water are Withheld . . . 

Alfie Evans and his parents are not the first such victims of Britain’s National Health Service; in 2017 it was Charlie Gard: Alliance for Freedom: Charlie Gard and the Death of Dignity See Also – The Witherspoon Institute: Parental and Governmental Authority in Medical Decisions: The Tragic Case of Charlie Gard

From the Bloomberg Review, April 26, 2018:

It really is this simple. The British state has decided that it is the baby’s best interest to die, and it is trying to ensure that he dies expeditiously. It is overriding parental rights in the process.

A Call for legal reform The Spectator: The agony of Alfie Evans’ parents was made worse by bad law

The law never envisaged the situations we are now seeing, where the NHS wishes to terminate care and the law is used to stop the parents from seeking other solutions – usually from overseas.

An indictment, with scholarly analysis: Church Life Journal: Aiming at the Death of Disabled Children

Another case, Ashya King. His parents took him from England to Europe (Prague) for treatment. The parents spent three days in jail for this. But the proton-beam treatment was successful; Ashya is cured! Though England’s National Health Service refuses to treat Ashya King’s cancer, he is cured when his parents have him treated in another country

The British National Health Service responds by refusing therapy anywhere in the country to Ashya; the parents have to take him to Spain for that. The NHS Retaliates by refusing Ashya King Therapy

Meanwhile, in the State Capital of New York: LifeNews: Proposed New York State Bill Allows Starving Patients to Death Without their Consent But thanks be to God,  There are people in power that will continue to push for this!

In Texas, a Hospital Ethics Panel – Not the Patient or Family – Decides Whether to End Care


The Worthwhile Lives of Persons with a Disability (disabilities)

The website:


Live On!

This is a disability website celebrating life. Even with all the challenges people with disabilities face. A happy, fulfilling, . . . . incredible life. 

No matter what some narrow-minded people in our society think.

The creators of this web page, who are disabled themselves, are up front about the more difficult challenges: the bullying of young people, the institutionalization of adults. Their goal is to reach those who are discouraged, despondent, even despairing, and those with suicidal thoughts through a series of short, powerful videos in which persons with a disabilities overcome their obstacles and establish a meaningful life. Valuable resources are also provided toward this goal.

A photographer of note:

River Bend Galleries


Pertinent posts from the Not Dead Yet website: 
Disabililty Rights Organizations Issue Statement Opposing Assisted Suicide Laws and Supporting Health Care
Statement of Solidarity in Observance of Suicide Prevention Month
Disability Rights Toolkit for Advocacy Against the Legalization of Assisted Suicide

Disability Resources: Articles and Books

There are lots of articles but not so many books. Many of the books listed address people with disabilities as a side topic, and I’ve included some non-Orthodox Christian books that contain Orthodox Christian elements. But the ones that spring from family johnlahutskyrelationships and friendships are inspiring and instructive.

In To Read – Books: 

The Boy from Baby House 10 & Catherine’s Pascha In God’s Hands: A mother’s journey through her infant’s critical illness & Getting My First Hug

The articles are on two different pages, one for individual articles and the other for webpages that contain numerous articles concerning persons with disability:

To read (online articles) & To read (online article collections)

From the article collections, I would recommend beginning with The Orthodox Church of America’s Parish Ministry Resources, especially Parish Development

The individual online articles cover a wide variety of situations and perspectives in regard to disability and the Orthodox Church, as well as the situations and issues Orthodox Christians with disabilities face in this world: their opportunities, dilemmas, and struggles. Look over the list and read a couple of articles which catch your eye. And then feel free to read some more!


a commentary on the widespread disinformation concerning Terri Schiavo, ten years after her death

Stephen Drake

From the weblog Not Dead Yet: Fifth Anniversary of Terri Schiavo’s Death: A History Lesson

 Both political parties are indicted for revising history toward political ends at the expense of persons with disabilities. Evidence is presented.

NDY’s Terri Schiavo articles page: All NDY articles on Terri Schiavo 

NDY’s articles on “the vegetative state”/consciousness: 

Also: Fifth Anniversary of Terri Schiavo’s Death – A History Lesson 

Not Dead Yet does not approach these issues from a religious viewpoint at all. They are simply fighting for lives of value, against powerful interests who would deny the value of the lives of severely disabled people.

Picture from Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (March 18, 2009) 

Disabled unborn children: “Caring is always better than killing.”

The New York Times published an article a while back entitled “My Abortion at 23 weeks.” The author’s unborn son was diagnosed with a herniated diaphragm, which would require the unborn son, if he survived, to receive immediate surgery; and he would spend a long time on life support afterward. The parents dreaded “the thought of hearing him gasp for air,” and chose to have him aborted.  “He died in a warm and loving place, inside me,” she writes.

What does one say to this? An article by Paul Stark was published on the website of which asks a question that seems, unfortunately, to be a settled matter for many in American society.

To Access:

Is Abortion Justified When the Unborn Baby is Disabled?

For Orthodox Christians the answer is certainly not a settled “yes.”  Is it a settled “no?” Here are some sources which address this matter: 

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America: Orthodox pro-life resources

Some of the sources on this list:

Orthodox Christians for Life

One of the Books: Real Choices, by Frederica Mathewes-Green

Two Ministries: the Treehouse Zoe for Life 

The question “Is it a settled ‘no?‘” is directly addressed in this resource:

Abortion, Oikonomia, and the hard cases  by Valarie H. Protopapas 

Picture from A. J. MacDonald, Jr.

Euthanasia and “futile” care: stories and commentary

It is clear that the following stories, which concern hospital decisions for Euthanasia over family objections and other obstacles to proper health care for people with disabilities reveal developments that are a deliberate threat to these people; so-called experts are deciding which persons’  lives are worth living and which persons’ lives are not worth living!

The following personal stories are from Texas, and concern that state’s infamous futile care law.

Sun Hudson: (a health law professor’s account) (another personal response)

Andrea Clark:

Yenlang Vo: &

Similar personal stories from other places:

Peggy Albedhady, New Jersey:

Kaylee Wallace, Toronto: &

Terri Schiavo, Florida: Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network (concerns her stories as well as others who have faced and are facing similar situations)

Perspectives on the Texas Futile Care Law and Euthanasia

OrthodoxWhat is futility?  by the Orthodox Christian bioethicist Dr. H. Tristam Engelhardt

Roman  Catholic:  as well as 

Stephen Drake, who publishes the weblog Not Dead Yet:

Wesley J. Smith: is in the vanguard of the movement to prevent the legalization of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide and an opponent of the futile care theory. He does his homework. Here are some of his articles: First Things: Wesley J. Smith 

An Orthodox Christian Commentary by Christopher HuckabayDeath with Piety is Death with Dignity,”

Finally, a reprint of the 1994 Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archidiocese’ Statement on Euthanasia:

WHEREAS all human beings who are in a condition of medical dependency because of illness, age, or for some other reason, must be provided with the basic amenities of food, water, cleanliness, warmth and relief from pain. These can never be considered as “extraordinary” measures in the context of medical treatment, and,WHEREAS Christians do not fear bodily death but rather consider it as a Passover between earthly life and the life of the Kingdom. Therefore, all such medical treatments that prolong the dying process while offering no benefit to the individual (with the exception of those ordinary measures previously stated) may, in good conscience, be refused by the individual or those acting on his or her behalf. In some instances, even food and water may become, in the last hours of life when the body may be unable to accept them, a burden from which the sufferer should be delivered: however, these are individual circumstances which should always be judged in a Christian context, and,

WHEREAS the taking of a human life, however understandable the motive, is a serious sin directly and repeatedly forbidden by God. Even where it seems an act of mercy, such as an attempt to alleviate suffering, without sincere repentance, it will surely lead to a loss of God’s Kingdom. As Christians we acknowledge that we do not always recognize God’s will and why things happen as they do in our world. However, we have, as the followers of Christ, promised to place our trust in Him and His love for us and all mankind. This trust includes the patient acceptance of those burdens which may seem, at the time, to be unbearable.

BE IT RESOLVED that this Archdiocese, in accordance with the Tradition and theology of the Orthodox Church condemns all forms of euthanasia or “mercy killing.”

St. Alexei intercedes

St. Alexei

St. Alexei

From the website of Father Nektarios Serfes: a 1998 letter from a woman with a disability with the account of her miraculous healing through the intercessions of the Royal Martyr Tsarevich Alexis. She had asked for his prayers for six months before the acute pain subsided. And then, in the letter, she recounts how she was continuing to ask the Saint’s prayers for a six year old child with cancer and his family. She writes. “How strong the innocent are with God, as Dostoevsky wrote in The Brothers Karamozov!” Here is the letter on Fr. Nektarios’ webpage:

Later, Elizabeth posted this comment to Arms Open Wide:

Hello there, my Orthodox friends! This is the writer of that letter to Archimandrite Nektarios, Elizabeth, who converted to the true faith nine years ago, and continue to be encouraged by the example of the Tsarevich-Martyr Alexei.

I rejoice in what I feel to be true, that the child’s relics have been found as if to encourage us in these bewildering, difficult times. In the akathist written to him, this precious saint Alexei Nikolaevich is called ‘a star lighting the way to the Second Coming of Christ.’ As Fr. Seraphim Rose often said:

It’s later than you think!

Holy Martyred Tsarevich Alexei, pray to God for us!

– Elizabeth

For the  Wikipedia article on St. Alexei’s life, click on:

Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia – Wikipedia, the free …

And here is  a poem written on his behalf:

A Little Sunshine – For The Royal Child Martyr Tsarevich Alexis

Reprinted, with additions,  from December 2007


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