A Sensory Garden

Winter does not look like the perfect season for starting a new garden. However . . .  

Alyona Ovlashevich, who works in The Boarding Home for Children with Special Needs while studying towards a degree in landscape design, came up with the idea of a sensory garden on the territory of the home.  . . .

‘There is a vacant plot of land on the territory of the boarding home. It caught my attention some time ago,” Alyona says. “We are going to improve it and transform it into a sensory garden next spring. I am certain that it will bring a lot of positive feelings and new discoveries to our children!’ . . . 

Nature plays an important role in the children’s upbringing and education. . . . The children will be able to look at the beautiful plants, smell their scents, touch the plants and even taste some of them.  . . .

Read the entire story of this Sensory Garden, which was written by Tatiana Shimko:

A Garden for Children with Special Needs  

from the Website Catalogue of St Elisabeth Convent 

(your purchases will help support the Convent, which is devoted to continual prayer and works of mercy)



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