Invisible Chronic Illness: Some Personal Reflections

Alana is an Orthodox Christian wife, mother, thinker, etc.  from the state of Kentucky, USA; her website is entitled Morning Coffee 

In How my Illness Affects my life in Church,  Alana writes of how she misses out on a lot of Parish Life because of her fibromyalgia (compounded by a current bout with mononucleosis) – such as the Parish social events where she would have opportunities to really get to know fellow parishioners. Alana speaks of how she loves singing in the choir, which is not possible for her now. In fact she misses a lot of services, and the ones she does make present continual challenges. These difficulties cause her to struggle, outwardly and inwardly. At the end of this post, she presents a wish list for parishes to consider in regards to parishioners with disabilities. 

In 30 Things, Alana lists thirty truths about her life, a few of which are simple facts, but mostly are  personal details about her life with fibromyalgia/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mononucleosis and Hypoglycemia. 

In Homeschooling with Chronic Illness, Alana writes briefly in regard to her adventure of homeschooling her children as she contends with these disabilities.

Explore Alana’s website; it is thoughtful, honest, and insightful. 

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