St. Paraskeva Orthodox Christian Charity, Romania

St. Parasceva

From the website of the Chicago, Illinois radio station WBEZ 91.5, an interview with physician Mariana Cuceu, president and co-founder of St. Paraskeva Orthodox Christian Charity in Romania, which serves children who are orphans as well as children with disabilities. Mariana herself struggled with and overcame severe disabilities. To access:

Global Activism: St. Paraskeva Orthodox Charity saves orphans in Romania

The Charity is a non-profit organization; all of those who serve through this mission do it on a volunteer basis. The three following pages of their site reveal who they are, their goals, and their Patron Saint, whose earthly and heavenly life in Christ is summarized. To access:

St. Paraskeva Orthodox Charity- About Us  &  Our Mission   Our Patron – Saint Paraskeva 

Icon from Christianorthodox’s Blog – The Way Into the Kingdom of Heaven: Saint Paraskeva the New, whose holy relics are in Iasi, Romania 

A Profile of Dr. Mariana Cuceu:

President and Co-founder: Dr. Mariana Cuceu

A Presentation given by Dr. Cuceu at the 2014 conference of the Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology, and Religion, on Ancient Faith Radio:

Dr. Marcel Cuceu, “Jesus Prayer in Healing the Person” (audio)



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