Deaf Orthodox Christians

Russian Priest Using Sign Language

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This group is for all who are interested in Orthodox Christianity and the Deaf. It is open to all who have a love for Jesus Christ and who also have an interest in Eastern Christianity. While it has an Orthodox Christian focus, membership in an Orthodox Christian parish is not required and this group is open to all faiths. One of our goals is to encourage the making of videos of Eastern liturgies into signed languages used globally.

Deaf Outreach Resolution

WHEREAS we are called to spread the Word of God in many tongues (1 Cor. 14:9), yet the languages of a specific group of people throughout North America, namely, the deaf community, have been underrepresented, Whereas members of the deaf community, most of whom use sign language as their primary mode of communication, find it virtually impossible to enter into the liturgical fullness of the church,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Holy Synod be requested to explore the creation of a deaf outreach ministry to help every level of the Orthodox Church in America more effectively meet the specific needs of the deaf community.

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Deaf-mutes are necessarily admitted to Confession and Holy Communion. To access:  1013 


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