Progress in Russia in regard to the education of children with disabilities

St. John of Kronstadt

The last post elaborated on lingering bad attitudes in Russia toward children with disabilities, in which people in authority have tended to write them off. But here is an article from earlier this year which shows real progress in that regard. The article, from Russia: Beyond the Headlines, Feb. 13, 2013, by Svetlana Smetaninato access:

Giving all children the right to learn

The article reveals that a law was about to be passed which would empower parents who have a child (or children) with disabilities to place the children in a public school.

There is also a description of Moscow Technical High School 1540 which has been admitting, socializing, and teaching children with autism spectrum disorders for some time now.

Concern is expressed as to the readiness of public schools for incorporating children with special needs, given the lack of training most teachers have in addressing these needs. The schools are being resistant in regard to the order.

Lord willing, love will win in this matter.

St. John of Kronstadt, a great Saint from Russia, had learning problems at first, but overcame them, by prayer and by effort. In his own words, from the following weblog-

To access:

Mystagogy:  autobiographical writings of St. John of Kronstadt

Also, a self-advocacy group in Kaliningrad,  Russia:

Apparel: Kaliningrad Association of young disabled people

Some recent activity by the Association:

Winners of the Social and Cultural Projects Contest … – Lukoil 

icon from the website of  St. John of Kronstadt Russian Orthodox Memorial Church

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