St. Giles †710

Another Saint who has received a designation as a patron saint of persons with disability is St. Giles.

Now this comes from a Roman Catholic list, but St. Giles, it notes, was born in Athens, Greece. He died in France. That would make him both and Eastern and Western Saint!

Born wealthy, when his parents died St. Giles gave his inheritance away and went to live in a cave in France. He became known as a miracle-worker, and many would come to him for help, including many persons with disability, hoping for alms from the pilgrims. One frequent visitor was the French King, who built a monastery nearby; St. Giles became the abbot.

From the account here’s a poignant detail:

On their passage to Tyburn for execution, convicts were allowed to stop at Saint Giles’ Hospital where they were presented with a bowl of ale called Saint Giles’ Bowl, “thereof to drink at their pleasure, as their last refreshing in this life.”

St. Giles, pray for us to the Lord, for He Is good and loves mankind, and you are the speedy helper and intercessor of our souls.

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