Saint Genesius of Rome †303

St. Genesius of Rome

Artist Richard Moore and the icon of St. Genesius

August 25 is the Feast day of St. Genesius of Rome.

Saint Genesius of Rome is counted an intercessor for persons with epilepsy. He was an actor, who sought to portray Christian baptism as a farce, in a derogatory fashion. But on the day of his performance, he became sick, and,  fearing death, expressed a desire to become a Christian. The show proceeded, with Emperor Diocletian and his retinue present. As the theatrical “baptism” proceeded, performed with mocking intent and received with much jeering laughter, St. Genesius, after having received the pouring of the water on his head, proclaimed with great earnestness his renunciation of idols and his faith in Christ- in truth! He exhorted all, including Diocletian, to do the same.  Diocletian, realizing the sincerity of St. Genesius’ words, ordered him to be beaten publicly and   imprisoned. And he was to be tortured daily until he renounced Christ. But St. Genesius continued his bold confession of faith to his jailers, and  Diocletian eventually ordered that he be beheaded. In this way St. Genesius was martyred for Christ in Rome in the year 303 A.D.

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