Orphanages as centers of Orthodox education and social mission in India

Two Indian children with Sister Nectaria Paradisi

The following article from the website Christian Social Mission in South Asia provides astute, in-depth insights into the mission enterprise in that country. Here is an excerpt which focuses on people with disabilities:

We traveled in India in September, 2013 and talked with people, who took part in Orphanage with boys and girls with disabilities. India is the country with big educational problems. 2.2% of population of India are disabled which makes 22 million but NGOs think that the figure should be closer to 6% or 70 million11. And most of adults and children with disabilities have not access to education. Even if they got higher education nobody helps these children to enter the mainstream community after the graduation.

To access the article:

Christian social mission in India: stages of development and modern problems 

An article in the March 14, 2015 edition of The Times of India chronicles one inspiring effort led by Sister Nectaria Paradisi in Kolkata who labors for the Lord under the auspices the Philanthropic Society of Orthodox Church (PSOC):

 Greek nun lights up lives, gives hope to Kolkata kids, by 

Picture from the Pinterest page of Victoria Nicholson; originally from The goddess of the hunt: lucky girls (with a story and more pictures of the mission)



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