news and ministries for people with disabilities in Bulgaria

Sts. Cyril and Methodius 

The following websites are …

  • #1. & #4. are independent evaluations of how people with disabilities are faring in the country of Bulgaria
  • #2. & #3. An interview with a victim of disability discrimination in a Bulgarian Orthodox Monastery some years ago (by one person, who was found guilty of discrimination and subsequently paid a fine for this)
  • #5. A secular ministry for children with disabilities and their families in Bulgaria
  • #6. A Protestant Christian mission serving people with disabilities in Bulgaria
  • #7.  A mission of mercy for people in need (with Bulgarian Orthodox Church participation) including homes for mentally and physically disadvantaged children (23 of them)

1. Disability in Bulgaria

2. Petar Kichashki: It is unacceptable that servants of God expel people with disabilities from the temples | Maria DERMENDZHIEVA

3. Bulgarian Cleric Sentenced for Cursing the Disabled


5. Karin Dom

6. Hands of Hope

7. “merciful” & merciful: houses for mentally & physically disadvantaged children (use Google translate for the webpages children with disabilities & disabled people

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