An American icon carver for those with visual disabilities?

Six years ago, as well as seven days ago, posts were published on this website in regard to icons for people with visual disabilities. Here is the earlier one:

Icons for the visually impaired

In this post we learn that in Russia, there are those, notably Roman Baturin, who are providing 3-D icons in bas relief for persons with visual disabilities. Personally, I have not discovered anyone in the Americas who is doing this.

But there is a 3-D iconographer on the American side of the Atlantic Ocean, named Jonathan Pageau, who also carves icons from wood and stone. Here is his website and his online gallery:

Pageau Carvings /Gallery

Jonathan is an editor at  the Orthodox Arts Journal, an online journal devoted to the Orthodox arts which gathers scholars, musicians, designers, artisans and iconographers from North America and Europe.

Orthodox Arts Journal

The question arises: would Jonathan or one of his students be willing, able, and eager to follow in the footsteps of Roman Baturin and provide icons for those with visual disabilities in America?

If there is an interest in this, as there really should be, I would recommend the interested parties to contact Jonathan Pageau. His address, phone number, contact form, as well as his Twitter feed and Facebook page, are listed on his website.



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