A Book: Boy from Baby House 10, his adoption, and the happy aftermath

We heard a lot in the media a while back about the woman who, feeling threatened by her Russian adoptee, a young boy, put him on a plane alone for a one way trip back to Russia. And this story lead the Russians to stop adoptions of their country’s orphans by Americans.

John Lahutsky and his co-author Alan Philips

But before this happened, the story of an adoption of a Russian orphan named John, who has a disability, by an American woman, Paula Lahutsky, is chronicled in the book, Boy from Baby House 10: A Child’s Journey from Heartbreak to Happiness, by Alan Philips and John Lahutsky, who is the boy, now a young man.  John has cerebral palsy.

And instead of growing up with no education and a bleak future as a Russian orphan, John Lahutsky has a pretty full life now. He is also an Orthodox Christian. 

Explore the entire website for yourself: http://www.johnlahutsky.com/index.php

I bought the book, and enjoyed seeing how John was delivered from the horrific Russian babyhouse and now has the opportunities that family support here in America affords him. 3 Reviews (scroll down to read them all): Reviews

Here’s a 2014 post by a United States Senator on the Boy Scouts; John Lahutsky, an Eagle Scout, is featured in the article: Pat Toomey: Scouts shape next generation of leaders July 7, 2014 by Deron Smith

Updates on John Lahutsky: June 10, 2015: Dean’s List, Northhampton Community College, Spring 2015 

Reunion with a childhood friend from Babyhouse 10 in Russia, Andrei Sullivan: John and Andrei (Yankee Fans) meet in New York City and catch a Yankees game

Picture from: Elfbox’s grenzenloser Bücherblog 

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