Th Feast Day of St. Servulus of Rome †590

St. Servulus on the right

Yet another pre-schism western Saint counted as an intercessor for persons with disabilities, St. Servulus was disabled himself. He suffered paralysis from cerebral palsy;  it was said he could neither sit up nor feed himself. He would pass along alms he received to others. From the alms he did keep, he bought books on the Scriptures, and asked others to read to him. He also learned some hymns of praise and thanksgiving, and often sang them. His last words were, “Do you hear the great and beautiful music in heaven?”

He was from Rome. St. Gregory the Great spoke of him, and his virtues. (See the Glorious in His Saints source below) At his funeral, it was said that a sweet frangrance arose from his body.

Through the intercessions of St. Servulus, O Lord, have mercy on us.


An Orthodox Christian Source: 

St. Gregory Orthodox Church: St. Servulus of Rome (Feast Day- December 23)

Irondequoit Catholic (article by Father Robert F. McNamara):

Glorious in His Saints

Icon (a mosaic in the apse of the Cathedral Church in Trieste, Italy)- a photo posted by David Nice in I’ll Think Of Something Later

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