St. John the Merciful ☦610

St. John the Merciful

Our relationships with persons with disability- both inside and outside of the Orthodox Christian Church- require a quality and virtue that we pray for all the time- mercy. “Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy.” Sometimes we liturgically repeat it 100 times.

We ask His mercy, seeking to be transformed into His image and likeness, which of course includes mercy. And in Him we become merciful to others.

Today, November 12, the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates the Feast day of a 7th century Chalcedonian Patriarch of Alexandria, St. John the Merciful. Read about him below at Orthodox Wiki to find out what Christlike mercy looks like in a “merely human” being. (The Lord Jesus Christ is a fully human, but not merely human, Being from all eternity, being fully Divine.)

For more on St. John the Merciful:

John the Merciful – OrthodoxWiki

St. John the Merciful, Patriarch of Alexandria 

MYSTAGOGY: St. John the Merciful on the Judgments of God and the Judgments of Men 

An Orthodox Christian ministry in Toronto, Ontario named after him and inspired by him:

St. John the Compassionate Mission

icon from Ramblings of a Redneck Priest: Johnny B. Merciful 

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