Orthodox Christian Adult Autists

There is a fairly new blog now available which is written by an Orthodox Christian with autism:

As it is always preferable for a person with a disability to express their own understanding of their situation rather than for someone who does not  have the disability to speak for them, this blog is especially valuable.

To access:


The topics of the posts, at the time of this pre-scheduled writing, all directly relate to Church life and it’s application in the world outside. 

Many Autists (which is not a politically correct term, but nevertheless the choice of this writer) would not classify autism as a disability, but simply as another way of perceiving the world. Autism is included among the disabilities discussed in Arms Open Wide for the sake of the majority neurotypical (non-Autistic) population; most parents, spiritual fathers, and employers of autistics would at least initially consider Autism a disability. 

Here are some more Orthodox Christian Adult Autists posts for your perusal: 

The Autistic Adult and the Orthodox Church – the need for advocacy

A practical guide to surviving church services

Moving Toward God – Prayer 

There is a list to the left of the blog if you would like to read more.

picture from russianreport.wordpress.com

1 Response to “Orthodox Christian Adult Autists”

  1. 1 laume79 November 6, 2015 at 8:46 AM

    Thanks for linking!
    Yes, I generally consider politically correct terms rather long-winded and often inconsistent. No offence is intended, as I stated in the first blog.

    It is not yet clear to me whether autism is a disability or no. It certainly causes problems in communication and social interaction, but I’m not convinced that we are the only ones to blame for that. Severe autism with mental disabilities is another matter, but in many highfunctioning autists, the problems are compensated by some, sometimes rare, abilities.

    Sin, I think, caused a general problem of communication between people (it’s not like neurotypicals NEVER have misunderstandings amongst themselves!) and it may be that in us with autism it’s just more clear.

    Later blogs focus a bit more on spiritual life, and I hope some of the others will contribute blog posts later on as well.


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