Building Inclusive Schools for Children of all Abilities

The Challenge: Building Inclusive Schools for Children of all Abilities (from: Facebook: Koinonia for Exceptional Orthodox …)

In this article Nicole Eredics lays out what needs to be addressed: Fostering Inclusion: Moving beyond myths; Understanding its value; Modeling inclusion. How It Works: Educating children together; Providing learning supports; Communicating with families. More from Nicole: How to be an advocate for your child

Meeting the Challenge: (a beginning; fostering inclusion): Making Us Whole: Community Banquet- celebrating friendships Making Us Whole: demonstrating true community  written by Katie Barkley.  Excerpts from these articles:


. . . South Christian High School Inclusion Specialist and leader of the Connections Banquet Ellie VanKeulen: “Our purpose is to provide a memorable evening for individuals with special needs and their friends, an evening of fun, a celebration of each participants’ gifts, and full inclusion as children of God’s Kingdom!” . . .

. . . There was an unmistakable normalcy in these interactions between persons with diagnosed disabilities and their peers, a culture that’s become commonplace in their inclusive schools. It was evident that the friendships celebrated at the Connections Banquet represented meaningful relationships saturated with mutual expressions of care for and enjoyment in another’s presence.  Instead of friendships based on sympathy and compulsion, I could see these students understood they needed each other to make them whole – they needed each other to make their community complete.  . . . 


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