A Housing Concept coming into being for people with disabilities: Noah’s Landing

It is located in Lakeland, Florida. If you read the comments to this the article, you will find that not everyone is happy with the concept, nor with the claim that it is new. Others think it is great. The one side claims the community is segregated, and the residents will miss out on inclusion in the wider community. The other side sees the safety provisions and the camaraderie of people in similar circumstances as wonderful qualities for a housing community. One person commented that he feels that the push for independence for persons with disabilities has swung too far, so that the pendulum is swinging the other way. Decide for yourself by reading bot the article and the comments. Access the article here: From Disability Scoop New Housing Concept Emerging For Those With Disabilities 

Here’s an informed view on the subject: Hoskin Planning & Development Services, Inc.: Alternative Housing For Our Vulnerable 

Picture from EveryoneEmployed.com: We must always remember … 


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