Having an abortion has an effect on a woman’s mental health


Lilliana’s first birthday

The ability of parents to learn of defects in their unborn children through modern technology has greatly accelerated the rate at which these children with disabilities have had their lives end before they began by abortion. In addition, the mothers who have their children aborted, according to a number of studies, are also at increased risk of the mental health disabilities.

Lifenews.com published online an article detailing a study which connects having an abortion with later mental health problems for the woman involved: New Study Shows Direct Link Between Abortion and Mental Health Problems To access:  http://www.lifenews.com/nat4617.html

see also http://www.cmaj.ca/cgi/content/full/168/10/1253

The Canadian Medical Association Journal has published a number of responses to earlier studies by this research group. Here are two; one against the credibility of the research, and one which not only supports it, but also lists other studies which also give evidence of this connection.

Here is the response by Dr. Brenda Major challenging the research behind these claims: http://www.cmaj.ca/cgi/content/full/168/10/1257

And here is the response to Dr. Major, supporting the claims, by Annie D. Banno: http://www.cmaj.ca/cgi/content/full/169/2/101-d#R1-8

Picture from FAMILIES OF KIDS WITH DISABILITIES; OUR LIVES ARE ENRICHED http://catholicnewslive.com/story/36928

From an Orthodox Christian perspective, the spiritual (mental, emotional, physical) damage incurred by having an abortion is strongly attested from very early in the Holy Apostolic Tradition.

see http://www.orthodoxinfo.com/praxis/abortion.aspx )

See also this imperative issued on the Self-ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America‘s website in regard to the Freedom of Choice Act: http://www.antiochian.org/node/18696


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