St. John Compassionate Mission

This mission of mercy, “one body and one spirit in Christ” with St. Silouan the Athonite Orthodox Church in Toronto, Canada,  serves it’s community, especially those who are poor and in need, in multi-faceted ways. Here is their website, a labyrinth of links explaining their ministries: St. John the Compassionate Mission, Toronto, Canada

One of their ministries is a bakery, which employs people with disabilities (who also have the ability to contribute to the making of some very fine bread)!  St. John’s Bakery – mission 

Jean Vanier eloquently describes the impact of the mission on the people of the St. John’s community; he describes the community as “a model, a sign, a sign of peace, in a world where many are locked up in their own little gang.” Read his testimony here: Jean Vanier Talk at Donor Dinner St John the Compassionate, 17 June 2008: Notes

St. John’s is also a training ground for those who wish to share their lives with those in need: Lived Theology School  & 

Crumbs of Bread

icon from Pappan’s People 

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