commentary by Fr. George Morelli

Here is a web address for a list of articles by the Very Reverend Father George Morelli, Ph.D, a priest and a psychologist (from the Orthodoxy Today website):

Articles by Fr. George Morelli 

The articles deal with marriage and parenting, as well as a wide range of other issues, such as:

Making Psychological Referrals in the Parish Priests are poorly trained about psychological problems they encounter.

Overcoming Depression Cognitive scientific psychology and the Church Fathers.

Dealing With Brokenness in the World Learned psychological optimism and the virtue of hope.

Orthodoxy and the Science of Psychology When psychology conforms to the scientific method, it can complement Orthodox teaching.

Asceticism And Psychology In The Modern World Ancient practices meet modern scientific psychology.

Resilience and the Canaanite Woman She exhibits strength and perserverence.

Understanding Brokenness In Marriage Hurting marriages can be healed.

The Beast of Anger Understanding and controlling anger.

Compassion and Love Practical advice for Christian parents.


Interview with Fr. George Morelli: To Teach and To Heal

Christmas: What Can We Give to God and our Neighbor?

Fr. George’s 2011 Orthodox Peace Fellowship Conference Presentation: Christ Our Model for Forgiveness

Disabled by sin, we are all journeying toward greater and greater “participation in the Divine nature” (2 Peter 1) toward wholeness, of mind and body, soul and spirit- if we are cooperating with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Phillipians 2:12-13) Fr. George’s writings can help us- however and to whatever degree we are disabled- as we “work out our salvation with fear and trembling.”


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