The Least of These: An Orthodox Christian Blog focused on raising children with autism

“Raising autism in the church, with dignity”

A new Orthodox Christian blog for parents raising children with autism, who have a different way of perceiving the world. Parents with neurotypical (what most people would call “normal”) ways of perceiving face a big challenge, especially when these children are on the far end of the autism scale. And so the the Oprisko family has invited us into their lives to discuss these matters.

To access the blog: The Least of These

Here are some of their first posts:

The very first post, January 2, 2015: When the last shall be first

The second, and so on: The hem of his garment; 5 Ways to Involve your Autistic Child in your Church Community; Things that don’t belong; Thankful Thursday: I saw 38 bridges; Caring for each other when your child has autism: 6 Ideas on marriage from the saints (Part 1) (the first of a six part series)

I credit Xenia Grant for showing me that autism is a different way of perceiving. In the largely neurotypical world, people with autism are at a disadvantage, in terms of “fitting in.” In this sense it is a disability. But not everyone feels the need to fit in, and for them, it is simply a another way of perceiving and experiencing the world our Father created. Here, on page four of this publication, The Communicator, are Xenia’s thoughts on the matter:



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