“Feeling Safe to Explore Something New,” by Anna Rose

This is a post from a blog entitled Rose with Thorns: Hope of Recovery for All

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church

It is written by a young lady named Anna Rose who is a student at Oxford University in England. She confesses in her About section that she has some disabilities. She also states the purpose of her blog:

. . . to help support and give hope to all of those struggling with any mental illness, learning disability, and hardship.

She does speak of her baptism, but she is not an Orthodox Christian; rather, she is a Catholic. However, she speaks in positive terms of a visit to an Orthodox Church in the blog post in question, which can be accessed here:

Feeling Safe to Explore Something New

She speaks of her own struggles in entering a new and strange place and how confident it made her feel to be able to do so. She also had this to say about the Church, in regard to those fears: “The whole church was so majestic and awe-inspiring. Soon my wonder conquered my fear.”




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