3 Support Group Opportunities

Caregivers Action Network- About Us

There are a good number of various resources here for the support of caregivers, including those with a family member who has disabilities. It is a large, well developed organization, and there are volunteers who can guide you through whatever issues you may have.  It is not a religious organization, but it is clear that their goals are to provide well rounded support for caregivers- personal support and all kinds of advice from people who have been there and know what it is like to be a caregiver. Of course, for an Orthodox Christian, their advice will need to be supplemented by that of one’s spiritual father.

Not Alone: Finishing the Course

This is an effort by Christians  with children who have disabilities to form a supportive network. The Christians, it would appear, are mostly from various protestant evangelical groups. They offer relationships (emphasis theirs) – encouragement, guidance, and prayer. The pictures on the site show women- mothers- but fathers are certainly not prohibited.  They also provide written resources and encouragement groups.

I see no reason why an Orthodox Christian parent who would like to touch base with other parents who profess faith in our Lord Jesus Christ would be prohibited from availing themselves of some of the resources offered here, but this really should be discussed with one’s Parish Priest, especially in regard to the offer of “praying together.” I will not comment on this, because it is the responsibility of  one’s Orthodox Christian spiritual father to sort out such matters.

Destination: Sainthood (via the funny farm): “Our whole household”

While not every Parish has other families who have children with disabilities, there is a list of Orthodox Christian families in this blog’s Resource section, Orthodox Christian Disability Resources, that provides an avenue to connect with other Orthodox Christian families as well.

OCDR: Online Orthodox Christian persons with disabilites & their families

Here is the page from Orthodox Christian Disability Resources with the blogs, online articles, and news from other Orthodox Christian families  with members with disabilities. The means whereby one can contact the families and persons listed is not provided; a bit of legwork will be required to get in touch. I wish there was something better organized in terms of an Orthodox Christian network of families with disabled members, but at this point one has not been developed.

Here is an opportunity to create an online work of great value. He or she who has ears to hear, let him/her hear!

Photo from Destination: Sainthood (via the funny farm) previously “Mairs Momilies”



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