Orthocath: Orthodox Christians Who are Deaf and Blind

Orthocath is a webblog written by a man who has become an Orthodox Christian, left the Church for some reason, and then come back. His parents were both deaf, and he learned American Sign Language. Additionally, he is sensitive to the Orthodox Church’s response and efforts toward the deaf community. In the following blog posts he shares and develops this:

Orthocath: My Two Worlds — Deaf & Hearing

Orthocath: Orthodox Christians Who are Deaf and Blind

Orthocath writes,

As I said earlier, very little work has been done with the Deaf in mind in Orthodox parishes here in North America. But, such is possible as the examples from Russia and Greece show. I pray the day for deaf ministry amongst Orthodox here in North America is not far away.


Subdeacon Tigran Khachikyan

Orthocath: Armenian Orthodox Ordain First Deaf Sub-Deacon

You Tube: His Ordination
You Tube: Conversation With Subdeacon Tigran
Tigran’s You Tube Page, with many informative videos

There is also a Facebook Page for Deaf Orthodox Christians:

Facebook: Deaf Orthodox Christians


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