Light shines out of the darkness: Happy Child, Our Sunny World, Kitezh, …

In the countries of Russia and the Ukraine which are dotted with bleak orphanages with marginal budgets, numerous ministries are bringing bright hope to those they can. Happy Child (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) and Our Sunny World (Moscow, Russia)  are just two of many organization that seek to help orphans and children with disabilities in these countries.

Access many more loving efforts by means of these websites: Action for Russia’s Children & Help Moscow Charities & Children of Zaporozhye & Russian Orphans Opportunity Fund

Here’s a promising model of Christian community from the latter site:

The founders of Kitezh, an experimental orphan community, hope that their village can be a model of reform for Russia’s decrepit child welfare system

. . . The 30 or so children who live there study, work and eat together, and live in private homes with their adoptive parents, who are also trained teachers, psychologists and medical personnel. 

a birthday party!

“We are trying out the latest methods in psychological therapies: play therapy, art therapy, drama therapy,” Mr. Shchurav said. “We even play economic games. No one in Russia has tried what we are doing with these children.”

The experiment has yielded notable results. Of the 40 or so children who have graduated from Kitezh, about 60 percent have gone on to higher education and all have found good jobs, parents in the village said. 

Vasily V. Burdin spent four years in an orphanage after his parents died from complications related to alcohol abuse when he was 4. He said he was treated fairly well there, but gained “an understanding of the world” only when he moved to Kitezh. 

With almost fluent English picked up from British students who at times volunteer in the village, Mr. Burdin, now 18 and enrolled in a Moscow law university, described his struggle to overcome his past, and — something few Russian orphans have — his hopes for the future. 

“I will proceed with law for my business, for my career,” he said. “But after I have stability, I will do something with music — maybe open my studio. It’s a dream.” …

from In a Fairy-Tale Village, Russian Orphans Thrive

Author: By MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ “The New York Times”, Published: 2010-08-17 17-00-00Viewed, times: 831
photo from  Maya’s Hope

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