God is glorified! An Art Show and a Theater Performance by children with disabilities in Belarus

A Manifestation of God”s Glory through children with mental handicaps

or, literally God’s Glory Shines through the eyes of children

from the weblog Bathed in Silent Night

At the Monastery of St. Elizabeth the Royal Martyr, an art show and a play, both by children with disabilities:

The Art Show

Even the most sophisticated artists appreciated the talent and the authenticity of the exhibited works when they noticed the transformation of the empty walls. Vivid and saturated colours, unexpected combinations of lines and shapes… 

The Play, (or Plays) a performance of the theatre “Pcholka” (“A Little Bee”) 

… the performance did not consist of fairy tales or children’s songs. The small theatre raised serious Christian and general issues. Moreover, it was giving answers to them. … The short plays used symbols to voice the issues of attention and loneliness, help and mercy, love towards one’s neighbour and compassion. ….

Small fingers of the children represented plants, fish, animals, birds, flowers, people, and ships… All this using only their hands. At the end of this part of their performance the children sent small planes made from paper to the audience. Each paper plane had warm greetings and wishes inside.  ….

the talented children … were the patients of the boarding home for children with special needs.

Fr. Andrew (photo by Daria L.)

“Fr Andrew says:  
 Children also show their sins, they may be capricious from time to time but they are not cunning, sly, they do not collect sins like adults do, they forget and forgive and go on to play. They are not filled with sins. An adult, on the contrary, has a hardened heart filled with sins. A person cannot defeat his passions using only his own power. He needs help, he needs the Holy Church, he needs love, which gives him an opportunity to take a deep breath, to get rid of his own “I”, and to get into that Yonder Land, even for a moment.”

See also Unusual Theatre for Unusual Children


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