A course on practical ministries (to persons with disability, etc.)

Our Lord Jesus Christ heals the sick and raises the dead

Robert D. Hosken is an Orthodox Christian who is a Professor at the Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary. His wife Cheryl Hosken has a B.S. degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, Their goal is the formation of multiple Agape Restoration Centers, in which Orthodox Christians and Protestant Evangelical Christians serve those in need, with a focus on  the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. He has created an on-line course on Practical Ministries toward that end.

Access the course here:

Welcome to our course on “Practical Ministries”

You will also find at this website a treasure trove of information: a Biblical Learning CenterDiscover Original Christianity, Agape Restoration Society, a link page including Rehab and Charity Resources, a page on the life and writings of St. John Chrysostom, and quite a bit more.

Here are some personal rehabilitation stories and an invitation to help:

Supporting a Person or Project Through Agape Restoration Society

(The icon pictured is from this page.)

And here also is his personal blog, and a post entitled Is There a Right Way to Worship?

He also has a Facebook page, if you would like to invite him to be your Facebook friend, and communicate with him: Facebook: Robert D. Hosken

The Ministry Driven Church


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