Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, by Sophia Sharos

Given at the 2012 St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival, and discovered in For the Life of the World The monthly newsletter of Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church Volume IV, Issue 6 June, 2012, Page 8 

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
Everyone, no matter what
disability someone has is
beautiful and unique in their
own way. The special needs
are seen in the eyes of God the
same way he sees people with
no disabilities. People with
disabilities can sometimes
have special inner gifts and
can be very talented in their
own way. In my opinion, special needs people have the
power to show us how precious life is.
People with disabilities
have the same rights and opportunities as people with no
disabilities. Every person is
equal in the eyes of God. It is
insulting when people have
stereotypic attitudes toward
special needs. God has a purpose and vision for all of his
children. Who are you to
judge what a person appearance looks like and how they
In our society today everyone needs to learn how to
have patience with the special
needs. They learn at a different pace than people with no
disabilities, but that should
not stop us from taking the
time out to help them. In this
day in age, the people with
disabilities are “labeled” as the
people who are stupid or cannot do anything for themselves. I think we can use the
disabled as a mirror for ourselves to be grateful for what
we have. They are wounded,
and we are wounded. They
have the advantage of having
their wounds clearly and unmistakably visible.
We can reflect upon and
cherish the disabled and those
with special needs. One thing
is certain; people should always have respect for people
with special needs. Ask yourself what if I was in their
shoes? They are more than
inconveniences to be tolerated
or nuisances to be unnoticed.
Rather, these are people, treasures really, with whom we
have a bond and, if we decide
on, an affectionate relationship.
Sophia Sharos


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