A Partnership with the Georgian Orthodox Church

St. Demetre of Georgia

World Vision is not a specifically Orthodox Christian mission, but they are partnering with the Georgian Orthodox Church to address human needs in Georgia. See Page 2 on the following report for a short but informative article on The Almost Lost Generation: Children with Disabilities: http://meero.worldvision.org/docs/49.pdf 

 Also . . .

The World Bank: Qualitative Survey on Disability and Living Standards in Georgia: a 2007 Report http://pdc.ceu.hu/archive/00003102/01/disability_survey.pdf 

On Page 20 of this report, there is a short section describing the Church’s efforts at meeting the needs of people with disabilities. But they do not specify the Orthodox Church, and it is not likely that their study was comprehensive in terms of what the Church is doing.

The following document is a study of how mental health is addressed in the country of Georgia: ISSUES TO CONSIDER IN THE ASSESSMENT AND FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF MENTAL HEALTHPOLICY, PROGRAMMES & SERVICES (75 pp.)   http://www.mental-neurological-health.net/global_network/downloads/georgia.pdf 

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