At the Four Homes of Mercy, Jerusalem (1)

Saints Mary, Martha, & Lazarus of Bethany

His Eminence Metropolitan Savas  Zembillas took part in Orthodox Christian Fellowship’s Real Break: Jerusalem in 2010.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship is the collegiate campus ministry in North America. 

While there, His Grace and the Orthodox Christian college students stayed and helped at the Four Homes of Mercy in Bethany, which is near Jerusalem, a ministry which provides housing  and services to people with disabilities. Here is this ministry’s website: 

His Grace has a weblog and took notes on his stay there and here is the first of three posts on this experience, this time of interaction with both students and residents:

Here is a video, two minutes, forty-five second long, by a college  student, Nicole DelVillano, a participant in Real Break: Jerusalem 2010, describing her experience: 

Orthodox Christian Fellowship: 
His Eminence Metropolitan Savas of Troas’ Biography:
Source of icon: 

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