some Ethiopian efforts in regard to persons with disabilities

Ethiopia is a country in which the Christian faith was established very early. Here is the website for the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (in English):

The Church’s “Child and Family Affairs Organization” website addresses the situation of children with disabilities: 

Here’s is this Ethiopian Orthodox organization’s webpage detailing their five main programs: 

Another effort by the Church: 


The Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) is a private, non-profit organization with 60 members and 32 paid staff, 15 fulltime and 17 part-time (24 of which have disabilities themselves), which seeks to promote inclusion of persons with disabilities in various programs, projects, and services in Ethiopia.  Here is their website:

At the bottom of their “About ECDD” page under “Program Activities” number 7 on the list is “Improving the employability of people with disabilities;” the International Orthodox Christian Charities is listed as a partner in this work.

The IOCC Ethiopia webpage elaborates on past and ongoing cooperative efforts in this country: 

Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Epiphany Icon,written by Addis A. Timket, from:

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