St. Vitus †303


St. Vitus

  The holy martyr St. Vitus was a wonderworker; many were healed and converted by his prayers and preaching. His father followed counsel to turn Vitus away from Christ by means of luxuries and other temptations, to no avail. The Emperor Diocletian himself offered St. Vitus even greater allurements to renounce Christ. St. Vitus stood firm.

Having failed to turn St. Vitus from the Lord, Diocletian resorted first to boiling oil, and then lions, and then hung Vitus and the other holy martyrs upside down to be torn with iron hooks. An earthquake intervened, and the martyrs were delivered. An angel took the martyrs away to Lucanium; St. Vitus prayed that the Lord would receive their souls and deliver all who would honor their memory. Their prayer was heard. St. Vitus suffered with St. Modestus and St. Crescentia in 303 A.D. He is counted as intercessor for those with epilepsy, St. Vitus Dance, rheumatic chorea, among other things. (See the last website below) from

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Concerning St. Vitus as an intercessor

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