Convent of St. Martyr Grand Princess Elizabeth, 2: The Boarding Homes

Детское отделение (Children's Department)

  Boarding Home for Adults:

…. The inhabitants of the boarding house learn and sing prayers with sisters and once a week pray the akathist to Blessed St. Xenia of St. Petersburg – you will not find that anywhere else. God’s grace is very much felt in the boarding house and in a way, it envelopes this mournful place. The eyes of the patients are amazing after Communion – they contain a warmth not of this world. Seeing this, you can believe in the closeness of God. There is also a Sunday school at the boarding house. ….

Boarding Home for Mentally Handicapped Children
…. In the boarding home there is a division for bedridden children where there are some little martyrs. Time has stopped for them. It is painful to view their suffering, but one’s heart senses that their pure souls will eternally be with God, where all sickness, sighing and sorrow have fled.  ….

Working with these children, the sisters and brothers themselves become more simple and sincere.

On feast days prayer services are offered at the boarding house and skits and plays are performed for the children.

The sisters pray that a small church may be built on the territory of the boarding house dedicated to St. Nektarius, the Greek healer and wonderworker. ….

– A Concert for the Young Patients of the Boarding Home for Children
“A Step Towards” Festival
November 22, 2010 – The First Liturgy in the Boarding Home for Children with Special Needs
Pascha in the boarding home for children

Children from the boarding home for mentally and physically challenged children located in Novinki prepared a Paschal performance by April 28. The children performed short sketches together with sisters of mercy of Saint Elisabeth Convent and actor Alexander Zhdanovich. Their friends and the medical staff had a delightful hour enjoying the show.

If you wish to get a glimpse of the joyful atmosphere of the feast at the boarding home, you are welcome to see a photo report by Nun Helena (Strashnova).


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