Kostas Z Partners in Chicago, Greece, Brazil . . .


by Kostas Z

The Kostas Z Foundation seeks to “provide and create information, integration and participation among people with disabilities and their families and friends.” 


And here is a list of their projects and programs: http://www.kostasz.org/about/   

Here are the websites of a few of them:  

The Rehabilitative Institute of Chicago http://www.ric.org/ – ranked the top rehabilitation hospital in the country by U.S. News and Report for 20 years in a row.  

The Eastern Orthodox Christian Inclusion Day Workbook for the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago http://www.inclusioninworship.org/Inclusion%20Awareness%20Day%20Workbook%20Eastern%20Orthodox%20Christians.pdf – profiled a little while ago on this website  

Open Doors Organization http://easyaccesschicago.org/home/odo.php  – Their purpose: “creating a society in which persons with disabilities have the same consumer opportunities as non-disabled persons. ODO strives to teach businesses how to succeed in the disability market while at the same time empowering people with disabilities.”  

Bodies of Work – The Chicago Festival of Disability Arts and Culture (An Article:  Bodies of Work: The Chicago Festival of Disability and Culture )

IBDD (Brazilian Advocacy Group), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Kostas Z is about involvement, both at home and abroad. 

And great photos, too! (See above) Also see http://www.panoramio.com/user/856955?comment_page=1&photo_page=1  


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