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“Crazy John” on children with disabilities

… He especially loved a little child whose parents had abandoned it because it was born with Down’s Syndrome”, Calliope added. 

“But tell me, little Calliope, how could they leave behind this tiny angel?” he would wonder. “If only they (the parents) knew that this angel was for them a ticket to Paradise and eternity, they would never have abandoned it. How on earth do you turn your back on such a treasure?  Our Lord – dear little Calliope – said that He is Love. And you know that love contains sacrifice. Love without sacrifice is like an empty can – an unvarnished one, as my dear mother used to say. Christ – dear little Calliope – said that whoever doesn’t have sacrificial love resembles a zero.  If we only knew dear girl what treasures God sends to man continuously to save him, we would be jumping for joy. Here, take a look at this angel here – this is one of those treasures…   In fact, I will tell you a secret. If we could find a good family today who would adopt it, then not only would they receive innumerable heavenly blessings, but also, with the sacrifice of their love, in embracing a little angel with a wounded body, they would even cure it.  Because our Triadic God is merciful and caring…”

These are the things that mister John would say as he looked at the sick and abandoned little child asleep in its tiny hospital crib.

–“Isn’t it strange little Calliope how people nowadays care more about little animals, and pay no attention to these little children?  I’m not saying we shouldn’t love birds and animals. We should care about them too, but how much more should we care about suffering mankind, who is made in the likeness of God?  We need to become Good Samaritans nowadays, so that we might give up our lives also if necessary, to comfort our fellow-man. Don’t forget that  – especially you nurses, whose work is linked to human suffering…

This excerpt was taken from the Orthodox Outlet for Dogmatic Enquiries:, specifically: They cite another Greek language source, which, translated by google translate, yields this information on the book which is the source of the excerpt. Part 1 of the book is now available in English (click on book ad for translation): 



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