UNICEF: Children and Disability in Romania; St. Dimitrie Program

St. Dimitrie

  While the analyses of secular research efforts will surely lack a spiritual dimension, our call as the Church to humility requires us to give a hearing to them; we already know that we are sinful, that we fall short, as individuals, as a people, before the Lord, who died for us to save and heal us from sin and its individual and corporate effects.  Now Romania is a traditionally Orthodox Christian country, though not all Romanians are Orthodox Christians. The long-term effects of the Communist era surely still contribute to social problems there,  and scarce resources complicate the implementation of some promising solutions.  Here is UNICEF’s 2002 (yes, its somewhat dated) 30 page report:


The UNICEF report focuses on state (government) solutions to the dilemnas they found. Without discounting the need for the Romanian people as a whole to address their problems, the Church has divine resources which the state does not.

Most people with disabilities have families, thank God. And their prospects are effected by the health of the entire family. If the head of the household is unemployed or underemployed, this obvious effects all the members of the family; especially if this person becomes depressed and turns to addictive substances to escape the way he feels.

The Orthodox Christian Mission Center, in cooperation with the Romanian Orthodox Church, is addressing such concerns. The St. Dimitrie Program, begun in 2001 in the Romanian city of Cluj, addresses substance abuse and addiction, mainly alcoholism. Not only do they minister to those with these problems, they train counsellors to address the same problems all over Romania, in the neighboring country of Moldova, and even in Alaska, in the U.S.A.

Every Friday the St. Dimitrie Program in Cluj has a support group meeting at the pschiatric hospital in Borsa for patients who have had, at some point  in their lives, struggles with addiction to alcohol.

St. Dimitrie website: http://www.stdimitrie.org/index.html 

Their program at Borsa Psychaitric Hospital: http://www.stdimitrie.org/Borsa.html 

Alaska: http://addictions.sthermanseminary.org/ 

Latest Newsletter: http://orthodoxchristianmissioncenter.wordpress.com/2011/04/07/st-dimitrie-newsletter-from-missionary-floyd-frantz/

Source of Icon:  http://www.stdimitrieeaston.org/

Who was St. Dimitrie? http://sfdimitrie.org.au/?page_id=53



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