Mark Pickup: “Quality of life is a moving target.”

from Frederica Matthewes-Green:

The original source of the work: Citizen, 2001.

Khorea Frederica is the wife of Father Gregory Matthewes-Green, Pastor (Priest) at Holy Cross Antiochian Orthodox Church in Lithincum, Maryland:

(In the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Tradition, “Khorea” is the title of the Priest’s wife.)

Mark Pickup is a devout Roman Catholic who has advanced multiple sclerosis. In the article which can be accessed from the URL below Frederica shares his reflections on life with disability in contrast to the voluntary death (by euthanasia) that ignorant people assume he should prefer.

A couple notable quotations from the short piece below:

. . . “What gives my life quality today is not being able to run or swim or ski,” Mark says. “It’s being able to love and to be loved. To think that I am still making a contribution to the world, whether I am or not.  . . . .

“Too many Christians have bought into the idea that God is a Sugar Daddy. But the fact is that we are to fit into God’s will, not him into ours. If this is what it takes to burn the pride out of me, to make me more like him and less like me, then let it be. Or else I didn’t really mean what I said when I converted. Talk is cheap.

. . . What about divine healing? I have been healed. I have been forgiven. Before I was disabled I was able-bodied on the outside but I was crippled inside. Now I’m crippled on the outside but Christ abides with me on the inside.

“Today my life is richer, not in spite of the MS, but because of it.” . . .

Now there’s Christian maturity.

Here’s the essay:

And here’s Mark’s own website:


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