Living Orthodox Christian disability resources

St. Brigid

 The vision presented by SCOBA’s Disability and Communion“which I’m confident the new Council of Bishops will own and affirm, will require people trained and competent in disciplines that directly relate to the service of persons with disability in order to implement this vision in our Parishes and regional organizations. (On the blog roll to the right, at the top, you will find this statement.)

St. Athanasius Antiochian Orthodox Church in Goleta, California, has people with this expertise, who are themselves Orthodox Christian disability resources. Presently this Parish runs the St. Brigid Fellowship  for homeless people in Isla Vista, California,  providing material helps, guidance, and referrals to homeless men, women, and children, some of whom have mental health issues.

Here’s an article about the ministry in the Orthodox Peace Fellowship’s In Communion Magazine: (the source of the icon above)

Dig a little deeper into their Parish website and you will find that Fr. Nicholas Speier holds a Lifetime Teaching Credential in Special Education. Also, one of their catechists, Genevieve Jennifer Ferraez, has taught special education, worked with children with learning disabilities, and has therapy experience with traumatized children. She as a Masters in Social Work with an emphasis in developmental psychology.

So if one desires to begin a ministry working with people with disabilities, or, if our leaders wish to glean the expertise of our people to develop something, this would be one place to call or email. Access the websites listed and you will find addresses and phone numbers. 


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