Towards Success (Failure is OK) – Father Gregory

From the Blog Antioch Abouna, Father Gregory Stockport gives a message we need to hear.

Not every is going to be the gold medal winner.  One in a million, thats it.  When we are young, we dream of what we will attain, and later in life, we realize we have fallen short. And in our life with God, St. Paul writes, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3) Here is Father Gregory’s message:

God has granted the human race multiple intelligences; each of us (aside from those who are profoundly disabled, who neverthless are fully human) is relatively better at certain ones, worse at others.

We each have strengths and shortcomings. Some shortcomings are the result of an injury or a genetic malady, and, being more obvious, are classified as a disability.

And because of such limitations we may fall short of our own expectations, or those of others who are important to us.  And we all fall short of what God intended for us to be, before Adam and Eve chose to go their own way, apart from God.

But in Christ, as Father Gregory says,

When failure seems to have the last word, success is actually just round the corner.

Embrace failure and learn how to improve next time round. Success is truly built on failure.


1 Response to “Towards Success (Failure is OK) – Father Gregory”

  1. 1 barryb64 August 7, 2010 at 9:46 PM

    For years, I struggle with a fear of failure and rejection. I know a lot of people have this experience in one degree or another degree. Sadly, this fear can be more readily felt in the disabled community of which I’m a part

    I was afraid of failure because it meant rejection and a nagging sense of disaster. “Oh no! Not the group home!” was the type of thinking I had. I just did not to admit it and disliked the sense of being judged inferior.

    But God has done many a miraculous work in my heart and slowly helped me to over come this irrational fear. It started with a sense of freedom at failing a pre-calculus class. Here is what happened, now that I got your attention. 🙂

    I needed to take Calculus to major in Computer Science when at college. To do so, I needed pre-calculus. I did everything I could to pass those tests and quizzes and kept getting bad to worse grade. I so wanted to get into computer and felt frustrated by my lack of math skills.

    Once I admitted that I could not go any further and needed to choose a different pass, I had a sense of freedom come over me. The whole deal with Calculus no longer weighed down on me. I failed the class and took (I think) an Incomplete. Yet, the “F” was not the dreaded thing I had thought.

    Though I knew it not, God was beginning the healing process. Of course, there is more to the story but suffice to say failure is not the terror it once was.


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