Homeschooling Special Needs, Orthodox Style

A homeschooling conference took place March 11-14, 2009, at Antiochian Village entitled St. Emmelia Orthodox Homeschooling Conference:

Here’s the info packet for the conference:

Here’s one of the workshops, pertaining to addressing disability:

Homeschooling With Special NeedsMary Klopcic

From the Speaker biography section of the information packet:

Mary Klopcic is an Orthodox mother of 12 children, 5 adopted with special needs, 7 homemade. She has homeschooled all of the children from the beginning with an eclectic approach. The Klopcic homeschooling challenges incorporate down syndrome, autism, mental retardation, expressive/receptive language disability, RAD, PTSD, hearing impairment, ESL issues and a host of learning disabilities into their daily lives and learning. In addition to meeting her own family’s schooling needs, she also runs CHESK, a local support group for moms homeschooling kids with special needs and is the listmom for SNOH, a yahoo group for Orthodox faithful homeschooling children with special needs.

Here’s the Yahoo group page for SNOH, where one can sign up:

On Ancient Faith Radio’s Frederica Here And Now, Khorea Frederica Matthewes-Green interviews Mary. (January 29, 2009) To listen:

A written version of the podcast:

Here also is a response to the St. Emelia’s Homeschooling Conference, by Barbara Shukin, author of “Journaling Through the Liturgical Year:”


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