Many years, newly chrismated Elizabeth!

   (or Mothers and Daughters) 

St. Anna and the Theotokos

St. Anna and the Theotokos

On Palm Sunday 2010, a young lady was chrismated into the Orthodox Church.

What is chrismation, you may ask? Father Michael J. Burben explains: 

The young lady’s patron Saint is St. Elizabeth the New Martyr. Her mother has a weblog, Abide and Endeavor. Here is her post, Many Years to Princess: 

Here is a picture from that post, of Elizabeth, her sponsor, and her Priest:


the newly chrismated Elizabeth

May God grant you many years, Elizabeth!

Here are some more posts by her mother, Juliana, concerning Elizabeth: 

Some of the things one discovers about Elizabeth is that “she does extremely well with her work-related (Food Service) reading and school reading.” . . .  

She can be an enthusiastic worker: “She has really enjoyed her summer job. I could tell because she was up early every workday, ready to head out the door.” . . .  

And she likes to sing: “Princess is up in her room singing along with her latest country music CD.” . . .  

Elizabeth the New Martyr

St. Elizabeth the New Martyr

Also, she “loves the retro purses.”  

Here are some posts from Abide and Endeavor that discuss Down Syndrome: 

Icon of St. Anna and the Theotokos from (Dec 9/22)

Icon of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr from Jim Forest’s Flicker Photostream: 

I’m going to include Juliana’s Abide and Endeavor in “Online Orthodox Christian Families” in the Resources.


1 Response to “Many years, newly chrismated Elizabeth!”

  1. 1 Fr. Stephen Lourie April 8, 2010 at 4:16 PM

    Many Years Indeed!

    Fr. Stephen Lourie


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