Homeschooling- Special Needs, Orthodox Christian

On the site LetsHomeschool there is a page which are focused on special needs children: Special Needs Homeschool: 

On the list of pages in the right column of this site, scroll down to . . .

homeschool friends

Special Needs Homeschool, and there are four more pages which address homeschooling children with handicaps, ADHD, giftedness, and special needs, respectively. 


Here are two more sites pertaining to special needs homeschooling; the first is from a mother who is homeschooling her daughter, who has Down Syndrome:

Molly Homeschooling Special Learners 

And here are some sites of specific interest for Orthodox Christian Homeschooling: homeschooling as Orthodox Ideas for an Orthodox Homeschooling program

Orthodox Christian Classical Homeschool (Yahoo Group)

Anaphora Press: Transitioning into Homeschooling

Anaphora Press: Orthodox Curriculum- Children’s Garden of the Theotokos 

Morning Coffee Blogspot: “Homeschooling” search

Yahoo Group: Orthodox Home Church School 

Homeschool Journey Online Resource List for Parents and Teachers Especially for Parents

Antiochian Orthodox Department of Christian Education: Orthodox Christian Parenting

Antiochian Orthodox Department of Christian Education: Two Articles on Orthodox Education- Public School & Homeschool

St. Raphael School: Serving homeschooling Orthodox families 

Classical Learning Resource Center & Ancient Faith Podcast: Anne Van Fossen on the Classical Learning Resource Center

Facebook group: Orthodox Christian Homeschooling

Orthodox Christian Educational Resources: The Parents’ Handbook for Orthodox Christian Homeschoolers

A Chime of Hearts: Orthodox Homeschool

Thoughts About Homeschooling, by Father Chad Williams st-nectarios-homeschooling-resources 

Orthodox Mom: A New Adventure- Homeschooling

Four Handmaids Orthodox Christian Academy: An Orthodox Classical Home School in Texas 

St. Emmelia Homeschool Conference Association 

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