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There are professionals in the realm of addressing the challenges of disability, who certainly have studied their field, with purposeful interaction. There is much to be gained from their objective knowledge and experience.

And there are those who live with disabilities, and with loved ones with disabilities, who have personal knowledge of life with these challenges.

To  listen to their stories, to open one’s heart to them, and to respond as one can, opens new vistas whereby we may grow in our loving apprehension of the God Who emptied Himself for us, who receives our paltry efforts for the least of these (St. Matthew. 25) as done for Him. (as I count myself the very least)*

An Orthodox Christian mother, Alana, shares her heart in this way on the blog A Morning Coffee. Here are two entries that are both excellent disability resources:

How Can the Church Minister to the Chronically Ill:

Rambling Thoughts On Mental Illness:

Personal Knowledge. Stories. Parables. These are the things that move us.

(Facts can too, of course- if they fit into our stories)

*(the “least of these” in whose eyes? God’s or ours? It was uttered for the enlightenment of our eyes and hearts, by the Lord Jesus Christ our God, concerning His folks at the bottom, on the margins, with whom He most identifies- our God, so aggressively downwardly mobile, now glorified with wounds of love on His hands and feet, with the holy martyrs)

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